What is it

What is NoSwing

NoSwing is an automated control unit for the frequency converter of an overhead crane. The sensor continuously measures the crane's hoisting cables to ensure that they remain in a vertical position.

Why use NoSwing

NoSwing has been developed to eliminate swing when using an overhead crane. In addition, NoSwing prevents overhead cranes from being used incorrectly (e.g. as a result of dragging instead of lifting). NoSwing even works in strong winds.

Easy to use

NoSwing is easy to use. As the sensor measures, the control unit provides completely automated impulses to the frequency converter, without the crane operator having to do a thing. NoSwing is reliable and incredibly durable. Moreover, NoSwing has low installation, service and maintenance costs. NoSwing even reduces hoisting cable wear.

Increases productivity

NoSwing is undoubtedly the quickest way to operate an overhead crane without causing swing, even when lifting and lowering. Furthermore, this process is completely automated, which means increased efficiency as handling times are reduced.

Increased work safety

An overhead crane fitted with NoSwing operates in such a way that swing or misuse of the overhead crane can no longer occur. This means that the risk factors associated with lifting are significantly reduced. With NoSwing, accidents at the work place can be prevented.